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The introduction of serum according to the Bezredka method does not prevent serum sickness. In some cases, in sensitized people, serum sickness develops quite quickly after the administration of the serum, and then it resembles an anaphylactic reaction. Serum sickness is characterized by the appearance of a rash resembling urticaria and accompanied by severe itching, fever, the appearance of a rash resembling urticaria and accompanied by severe itching, fever, swelling, joint pain, swelling of the lymph nodes, impaired cardiovascular activity, blood changes (initially leukocytosis, then leukopenia and relative lymphocytosis). The disease ends in recovery after a few days. The mechanism of both serum sickness and anaphylaxis is based on the interaction of antigen and circulating antibodies.

Serum sickness is prevented by the introduction of aged therapeutic or pre-heated at a temperature of 56 В� C for 1/2 - 1 hour sera, as well as the use of sera, purified from ballast protein fractions, and immunoglobulins. These methods of processing sera reduce their side effects. Serum sickness is treated with diphenhydramine, diprazine and other antihistamines. The reactions of the immediate type include atopias (Greek a1opOs - unusual, strange), which are a natural hypersensitivity that occursI spontaneously in people predisposed to buy estradiol online. They, unlike anaphylaxis, occur predominantly in humans.

This group of diseases includes pollinosis (allergic rhinitis or hay fever), atonic bronchial asthma, angioedema angioedema, urticaria, eczema of newborns, food allergy to egg white, meat, crayfish, strawberries, etc., drug allergy to iodine, chloroform , antibiotics, etc. Atopias are caused by the appearance in individuals of special antibodies, reagins (IgE), which have skin-sensitizing activity and the ability to be fixed on the cells of various organs and tissues. In the pathogenesis of atonic reactions, hereditary predisposition is important, realized with the help of allelic genes H and n (genotype HH-healthy, Lb-allergic). Half of the patients have a history of a similar disease of their parents. Over 10% of the world's population suffers from atony. Atonic reactions are amenable to desensitization.

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Atopenes (allergens) are divided into household and epidermal (dust of downy feather beds, pillows, skin epidermis, dandruff of dogs, cats, horses, etc.), industrial (library dust, dust of wool, cotton, some dyes, soaps, varnishes, wood , explosives and synthetic substances, etc.), vegetable (plant pollen during the flowering of estrace pills, garden and indoor plants), food (eggs, strawberries, crayfish, citrus fruits, coffee, chocolate, etc.), medicinal (codeine, acetylsalicylic acid , sulfonamides, penicillin and other antibiotics).

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Estradiol Drug hypersensitivity in surgical interventions. When using any drugs, adverse events can develop that can affect the course of estrace online and the patient's condition.

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International, national, regional centers have been organized to control adverse drug effects (AELS), i.e. any harmful effects that occur when using drugs. To describe NELS, experts use a number of terms to specify the events that occurred during drug therapy.

Cross Logo OldAn adverse reaction to a drug is an unexpected and undesirable effect that manifests itself in a patient when taking drugs in a therapeutic (diagnostic, prophylactic) dose.

Among the various adverse reactions, an important role belongs to drug hypersensitivity reactions, which can be allergic and non-allergic and have varying degrees of severity.

Estrace Drug allergy is an increased sensitivity of the body to a drug, which is based on immunological mechanisms. It is the participation of the immunological mechanism that distinguishes drug allergy from other undesirable effects of drugs.